Ren Shen Yang Ying Wan

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Lan Zhou Foci


Ren Shen Yang Ying Wan is a natural herbal supplement that supports energy levels in the body and also supports the health of your heart and gastrointestinal system. Direction
Take 7 pills three times daily, with warm water and take before meals. Package
200 pills per bottle Ingredients
Codonopsis Root 169 mg, Atractylodes Rhizome 84.5 mg, Polyporus Sclerotium 63.3 mg, Chinese Licorice Root and Rhizome 84.5 mg, Dong-quai Root 84.5 mg, Prepared Rehmannia Root 63.3 mg, White Peony Root Without Bark 84.6 mg, Astragalus Root 84.6 mg, Cinnamon Bark 84.5 mg, Mature Tangerine Peel 84.5 mg, Polygala Root 42.2 mg, Mature Schisandra fruit 63.2 mg,Ginger Rhizome 42.2 mg, Mature Jujube Fruit 84.6 mg Other Ingredients