Poria & Peony Combo Extract - Shu Gan Wan

Poria & Peony Combo Extract - Shu Gan Wan - Max Nature

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SKU: A017-LM

A herbal supplement that helps promote and maintain a healthy digestive system. Soothes the feeling of distention and bloating which and helps the body restore to its natural self.

200 Pills per bottle

Suggested Use

Take 8 pills, 3 times daily with warm water.

Chinese Peony (root), Chinese Amomum (fruit), Tangerine (dried rind of mature fruit), Round Cardamom (fruit), Magnolia (stem), Corydalis Yanhusuo (tuber), Turmeric (rhizome), Poria (sclerotium), Melia (seed), Radish(seed)

Other Ingredients
Corn Starch