Energizer Hot Jojoba Oil Hair Treatment

Energizer Hot Jojoba Oil Hair Treatment - Max Nature

Max Nature

SKU: HB0045

This treatment opens up the hair cuticle to lightly coat each imbrication on the hair shaft and penetrates the sebum build-up on the scalp to moisturize the follicle openings in the dermal layer.
One of the main ingredients, Rosemary Extract provides a volatile oil stimulant that draws blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, strengthening and revitalizing.


100% Pure Jojoba oil, Rosemary Extract,Vitamins A & E. Not artificial colors or inexpensive oil fillers. Contains 3 Re-closable Tubes

 Place Jojoba Oil Tube under hot running water or in a cup of hot water. Dampen hair. Apply hot oil to hair and scalp. Leave in for 60-90 seconds. Shampoo hair and rinse thoroughly. For short/medium hair, use 1/2 tube and reseal. For long hair, use entire tube. No conditioner required. Use Weekly