Clear Air - Perilla Fruit Herbal Supplement

Clear Air - Perilla Fruit Herbal Supplement - Max Nature

Max Nature

SKU: HC-64

Treats acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma, and bronchial asthma. Treats chronic cough with phlegm, wheezing and chest pain associated with smoking and air pollution. Combine with Western medication for pneumonia and tuberculosis.

90 tablets per bottle

Suggested Use
Three tablets 3 times per day between meals.

Perilla fruit (su zi), Cynanchum root & rhizome (bai qian), Apricot seed (xing ren), Morus cortex (sang bai pi), Trichosanthes root (tian hua fen), Fritillaria bulb (zhe bei mu), Platycodon root (jie geng), Aster root (zi wan), Belamcanda rhizome (she gan), Scute root (huang qin), Schizandra fruit (wu wei zi), Licorice root (gan cao), Pinellia rhizome (ban xia)