Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang - Max Nature



Treats Spleen and Stomach qi deficiency with damp-cold stagnation in the middle jiao. Symptoms include reduced appetite, feeling full after eating very little, eructation, abdominal distention, pain, and possibly vomiting and diarrhea. Tongue is pale with thin white coating. Pulse is weak.

100g (3.5oz) of the concentrated granules extracted from 500g of the raw herbs.

Suggested Use
5g 2 times per day.

Costus Root - Mu Xiang, Chinese Amomum Fruit - Sha Ren, Pinellia Rhizome (Ginger-processed) - Ban Xia (Jiang Zhi), Tangerine Mature Rind - Chen Pi, Codonopsis Root - Dang Shen, Poria Sclerotium - Fu Ling, Bai-Zhu Atractylodes Rhizome - Bai Zhu, Chinese Licorice Root - Gan Cao, Fresh Ginger - Sheng Jiang, Jujube Fruit - Da Zao