Shu Gan Wan 舒肝丸

Shu Gan Wan 舒肝丸 - Max Nature

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Shu Gan Wan is an all natural herbal supplement traditionally used for gastrointestinal distress and abdominal pain caused by Liver Qi stagnation. This Chinese herbal formula smoothes the flow of Liver Qi, encourages blood circulation, dispels blood stasis, clears Heat, harmonizes the Stomach and alleviates pain.

200 Tea pills per bottle
Net Wt. 1.27oz (180mg)

5-8 Pills with warm water, 2-3 times daily

Chuan lian zi - Fructus Toosendan, Yan hu suo - Rhizoma Corydalis, Jiang huang - Rhizoma Curcumae Longae, Chen xiang - Lignum Aquilariae Resin

atum, Bai shao - Radix Paeoniae Alba, Zhi ke - Fructus Aurantii, Dou kou - Fructus Amomi Rotundus, Fu ling - Poria, Chen pi - Peripium Citri Reticulate, Sha ren - Fructus Amomi, Hou pu - Cortex Magnloiae Officinalis