Bupleurum Entangled Qi

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Bupleurum & Cyperus Herbal Supplement Functions
Treats breast lumps. Useful in treatments for uterine fibroids and ovarian, vulvar, or cervical cysts. May also be used as an adjunct to post-breast cancer treatment Packaging
90 tablets per bottle Suggested Use
Three tablets 2 to 3 times per day between meals Ingredients
Bupleurum Root (Chai Hu), Tang Kuei Root (Dang Gui), Blue Citrus Fruit (Qing Pi), Prunella Herb (Xia Ku Cao), Salvia Root (Dan Shen), Trichosanthes Root (Tian Hua Fen), Vaccaria Seed (Wang Bu Liu Xing), White Peony Root (Bai Shao), Cyperus Rhizome (Xiang Fu), Ligusticum Root (Chuan xiong), Fritillaria Bulb (Zhe Bei Mu), Taraxacum Herb (Pu Gong Ying), Zhi Shi (Chih-Shih), Red Peony Root (Chi Shao) Other Ingredients
Vegetable Gum, Sillicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Cellulose