Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang

Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang - Max Nature



Settles the Liver, extinguishes Wind, soothes the Liver, dredges and opens the channels and collaterals, nourishes Yin, clears Heat for patterns with symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, feeling of pressure in the eyes.

240 Teapills per bottle

Suggested Use
8 pills, three times per day.

Achyranthes Root - Niu Xi (Huai), Hematite - Dai Zhe Shi, Fossilia Ossis Mastodi - Long Gu, Oyster Shell - Mu Li, Carapax et Plastrum Testudinis (Vinegar-fried) - Gui Ban (Cu Chao), Chinese Peony Root w/o Bark - Bai Shao, Scrophularia Root - Xuan Shen, Chinese Asparagus Root Tuber - Tian Men Dong, Toosendan Fruit - Chuan Lian Zi, Yin-Chen Wormwood Shoot - Yin Chen, Barley Sprouts - Mai Ya, Chinese Licorice Root - Gan Cao