Xiao Yao Wan 逍遥丸

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Xiao Yao Wan is a well-known ancient Chinese herbal medicine for Liver Qi stagnation. Today, it is a commonly used herbal remedy for anxiety, irritability, stress, and depression due to everyday challenges or premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

200 Pills per bottle
Net Wt. 1.27 oz. (180g)

5-8 Pills with warm water, 2-3 times daily

Chai hu - Radix bupleuri, Dang gui - Radix Angelicae sinensis, Bai shao - Radix Paeomiae alba, Bai zhu - Rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, Fu ling - Poria, Bo he - Herba menthae, Sheng jiang - Rhizoma zingiberis recens, Zhi gan cao - Radix Glycyrrhizaee