kai Yin Wan 开音丸

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Xiang Yin Wan is a Chinese herbal supplement specifically formulated for vocal care. Whenever you have a throat discomfort, whether it is sore throat, hoarse voice, voice loss, or laryngitis, due to overuse of your voice.

200 Pills per bottle
Net Wt. 1.27 oz (180mg)

5-8 Pills with warm water, 2-3 times daily

Sang Ye - Folium Mori, Ju Hua - Flos Chrysanthemi, Jin Yin Hua - Flos Lonicerae, Lian Qiao - Fructus Forsythiae, Xing Ren - Pruni Armeniacae, Qian Hu - Radix Peucedani,
Pang Da Hai - Semen Sterculiae Lychnophorae,