Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan

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Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan is a famous herbal formula in traditional Chinese medicine used to replenish the Blood and Yin, and strengthen Heart functions. Today, the herbal remedy is commonly used for insomnia, heart palpitations,forgetfulness, and anxiety.

5-8 Pills with warm water, 2-3 times daily

200 Pills per bottle
Net Wt. 1.19 oz.

Dan Shen, Angelica Dang Gui Root, Codonopsis Root, Grassleaf Sweetflag Rhizome, Magnoliavine Fruit, Dwarf Lilyturf Root, Poria Cocos, Cochin Chinese Asparagus Root, Rehmannia Root, Figwort Root, Balloon Flower Root, Thinleaf Milkwort Root, Licorice Root, Wild Jujube Seeds, Arborvitae Seeds