Shun Qi Wan 顺气丸

Shun Qi Wan 顺气丸 - Max Nature

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Shun Qi Wan is used to regulate Qi and dissolve dampness strengthening the spleen and harmonizing the stomach. It is indicated for retention of dampness and turbid substance in Qi fen stuffy chest abdominal distension and pain vomiting and nausea eructation and torpid intake.

200 Pills per bottle

5-8 Pills with warm water, 2-3 times daily
Herbalist may recommend a more specific dosage for individuals with specific needs

Fructus Amomi - Sha Ren, Rhizoma Cyperi - Xiang Fu, Semen Arecae - Bing Lian, Radix GLycyrhizae - Gan Cao, Peripium Citri Reticulate - Chen Pi, Magnoliae Officinalis - Hou Po, Fructus Aurantii - Zhi Ke, Rhizoma Atractylodis - Cang Zhu, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae - Qing Pi