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A trusted Chinese herbal supplement, this product promotes the health of the liver, digestive and nervous system.
Take 5 pills, three times a day, with boiled and cooled water. Package
120 pills per bottle.
Active ingredients
Sichuan Pagado Tree Fruit(chuan-liang-zi)152.8mg, White Peony(bai-shao)Root 142.6mg, Turmeric(jiang-huang)Root & Stem 112.1mg, Polyporus(fu-ling) Sclerotium 101.9mg, Bitter Orange(zhi-ke)Fruit 91.6mg, Corydalis(yan-hu-suo) Stem 91.6mg, Aloeswood (chen-xiang)Bark with Resin 91.6mg, Cardamon(sha-ren)Fruit 71.4mg, Costus(mu xiang) Root 71.3mg, Anged Tangerine(chen-pi)71.3mg, Magnolia(hou-po) Bark 50.9mg, Nutmeg(rou-dou-kou) Seed 50.9mg.
Inactive ingredients
Cornstarch and water.