Pe Min Kan Wan (鼻敏感丸) Bi Min Gan Wan

Pe Min Kan Wan (鼻敏感丸) Bi Min Gan Wan - Max Nature

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Promotes the health and well-being of the nasal passage and sinuses. Directions

3-5 tablets 2-3 times daily, for 30 days
Active ingredients
Xanthium Fruit(cang-er-zi), Centiped(shi-hu-sui) Herb, White Peony(bai-shao) Root, Licorice Root, Wild Chrysanthemum Flower(ye-ju-hua), Eclipta Herb 147mg, Fang-Reng Root 75mg, Tribulus Fruit(bai-ji-li), Fragrant Angelica(bai-zhi) Root, Arisaema Rhizome and Rhubarb(da-huang) Root and Rhizome
50 pills per bottle