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Consultation is provided by experts specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Here Is How It Works.

Brief and short form to fill, it only takes you a few minutes to complete
At the convenience of your home, save you trips and time to visit clinics
For most health conditions, better results can be achieved due to group consultation by different herbal experts.
Very affordable , it costs $29 for initial visit, and $19 for repeat customers.
In stead of using standard herbal formula, we prescribe individualized herbs for
your specific conditions
Customers can select consult through email by attaching a picture of tongue and complexion , or video conference by making an appointment with us (20 minutes limit)
For video consult, all you need is just a Skype or MSN live with a webcam in order for TCM experts to see the coating of your tongue and complexion

You get your diagnosis immediately in most cases if you prefer video consultation; For email consult, you receive your diagnosis in 24 hours
We mail your herbs within 24 hours, you receive it in 3-4 business days within the U.S

Your privacy will be strictly protected.

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