Long Dan Xie Gan Tang 龙胆泻肝汤

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Long Dan Xie Gan Tang is applied in cases of excessive Fire in the Liver and Gallbladder or Damp-Heat from the lower Jiao, marked by headache, red eyes, dizziness, irritability, bitter mouth taste, hypochondriac pain, deafness, tinnitus; or difficulty and pain in urination with heat sensation, turbid urine, swollen external genitalia, menstruation with dark flow.

100g (3.5oz) of the concentrated granules extracted from 500g of the raw herbs.

Suggested Use
Take 2 to 3 g granules each time and 2 to 3 times daily, or as instructed by an herbal practitioner. The granules may be dissolved in hot water to serve as tea or mixed into yogurt.

Radix Gentianae Scabrae (Long Dan Cao), Radix Bupleuri Chinensis (Chai Hu), Rhizoma Alismatis Orientalis (Ze Xie), Radix Rehmanniae Glutinosae (Di Huang), Radix Scutellariae Baicalensis (Huang Qin), Fructus Gardeniae Jasminoidis (Zhi Zi), Caulis Clematidis Armandii (Chuan Mu Tong), Semen Plantaginis (Che Qian Zi), Radix Angelicae Sinensis (Dang Gui), Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis (Zhi Gan Cao)