Jin Gu Ling - Sciatic Lumbar Liniment

Jin Gu Ling - Sciatic Lumbar Liniment - Max Nature



This warm and invigorating liniment is especially formulated to address sciatica and lumbar pain. By combining herbs that specifically invigorate the qi, blood and channels in the lower back with herbs that dispel wind, damp and cold, this formulation alleviates pain while also addressing the weakness, numbness and tingling frequently associated with sciatica.

2.0 fl oz bottle.

Suggested Use
Apply externally as directed to affected area no more than 3-4 times daily.

Du Huo, Xue Jie, Zi Ran Tong, Fang Fen, Rou Gui, Gan Jiang, Xi Zang Hong Hua, Chuan Niu Xi, Yan Hu Suo, Liang Mian Zhen, Mao Dong Qing, Ru Xiang, Mo Yao, Alcohol Base.