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High Strength Fargelin promotes anal health. High Strength Fargelin is an improved recipe over the former Fargelin. It is made from superior quality Chinese ingredients, which have been scientifically processed in keeping with Chinese herbal principles.

36 pills per bottle

Take 3 tablets, three times a day, with boiled and cooled water. The amount may be increased to 4 tablets at each interval, if desired.

Active ingredients
San-Qi Ginseng Root 260mg, Baikal Skullcap(huang-qin)Root 195mg, Sophora(sophora japonical.)(huai-hua-mi) Flower 195mg, Callicarpa(callicarpa macrophylla vahl)(zi-zhu) Leaf 195mg, Amber (hu-po) 195mg, Burnet-Bloodwort(sanguisorba officinalis)(di-yu) Root130mg, Corydalis(yan-hu-suo) Root and Stem 65mg