Germanium 16 - 1 Dozen

Germanium 16 - 1 Dozen - Max Nature

Max Nature


One Dozen Bottles Required For Purchase

500mg/Capsule, 60 Capsules/Bottle

Suggested Use
Take 1 to 2 capsules, 2 times daily, before or after meals.

Reishi mushroom, Lycium, Ginseng radix, Platycodon, Acanthopanax, Prunella, Sophorag, Aloe vera, Coix, Artemisia, Licorice root, Garlic, Common plantain, Loquat, Phellodendron bark
Warnings: Non-toxic even at doses of up to 10,000 mg around 2 to 3 percent may get a skin rash. Immune suppressed individuals may get a fever showing that perhaps their immune system has been reactivated. Other temporary detoxification reactions may also occur. Doses for individuals suffering from detox reactions have to be dramatically reduced to around 25 mg and work up from there. It is very difficult to separate GE-132 from inorganic Germanium. This product is guaranteed to be 100% pure and free of inorganic Germanium dioxide.