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Ge Jie Da Bu Wan is a popular and well-known herbal supplement that promotes the health of internal organs, the skeletal system, the immune system and general well-being. This herbal supplement contains astragalus root. This herb is famous in China as a restorative tonic and it is considered to have strong, positive effects on many organs and systems in the body. Many herbalists in China over the centuries used astragalus root with other herbs to help support the body‘s immune and skeletal systems. It also has been used to boost energy levels and to stimulate the immune system.

50 Capsules per bottle.

Suggested Use
Adults take 3 to 5 capsules after breakfast, and after dinner with warm water or as directed by your health provider.

Ge Jie, Dang Shen, Huang Qi, Gou Qi Zi, Fu Ling, Shu Di Huang, Nu Zhen Zi, Shan Yao, Mu Gua, Ba Ji Tian, Bai Zhu, Xu Duan, Huang Jing, Gu Sui Bu, Gan Cao