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Take as a pleasant tasting tea to reduce appetite and improve digestion; should be used with Astra 18 Diet. Use as an invigorating energy tonic.

16 tea bags per bag

Add 1 teabag of Astra Diet Tea to 8 oz of boiling water and brew for about three miuntes

Suggested Use
Should be taken after each meal as a delicious dessert substitute to harmonize your digestive energy. Also, turn coffee and candy breaks into Astra Diet Tea breaks. It may be combined with Astra 18 Diet and other Health Concerns products

Peppermint leaf (bo he), Eleuthero root (ci wu jia), Ginger rhizome (gan jiang), Loquat leaf (pi pa ye), Perilla leaf (zi su ye), Lophatherum leaf (dan zhu ye)