Dr. Oxygen Portable Oxygen Generator II (DR30)

Dr. Oxygen Portable Oxygen Generator II (DR30)
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Dr. Oxygen is a safe, efficient, economical and portable oxygen generator used to promote more healthy living. One set of A & B powder included in a kit triggers a special chemical reaction, generating over 10 liters of 99.8 % pure oxygen in just 10 minutes. There is no need for electric power for this chemical reaction. The variety of uses of Dr. Oxygen ranges from cosmetic to healthcare purpose.

It is recommended to use Dr. Oxygen twice a day for daily healthful living!

Dr. OXYGEN is designed with a specially-designed portable container and an oxygen mask, and the patented special powder material (Patent # 043487).

10 liter of oxygen with 99.8% purity is generated by pouring water and two different kinds of the powder into a container. 10 liter of oxygen lasts for 10 minutes. Breathing in Dr. Oxygen helps maintain healthy life and rescue human life when emergeny occurs.

Who need Dr. Oxygen?

* For whom became unhealthy because of excessive drinking and smoking * For the driver suffering from air pollution * To prevent Alzheimer disease * To escape from stress and strain * For the enough supply of oxygen to the pregnant women * For whom want to acquire a basic beauty efficiency * For the athletes and artists

Oxygen is good for your health! Many Potential benefits

* Brain woker, physical labor * A pregnant women * The aged persons * Smoker & Alchol drinker * Women's beauty * Long-distance driving * Atheletics * At home, hiking and travelling

Oxygen for fitness

* Better blood circulation for tissue * Maxmize your organ efficiency * Increasd energy * Health Radiant skin color * Prevent dizziness * Ideal for pregnancy

Oxygen for wellness

* After too much alchol and nicotine * Freshness, relaxing, more vitality * Increased stamina in sport * Higher concetration in tests, school and study * Attentiveness for long distance driving * Long work, short sleep

Oxygen for Beauty

* Nicer and healthier skin * Better looking with freshness and wellness * Smoother skin from better blood circulation


Portable Oxygen Generator: Easily generates oxygen

* Promotes health and saves lives in emergencies * Revitalizes the fatigued, overworked brain * Ensures youthful complexion * Protects drivers from traffic pollution * Prevents and rids hangovers * Provides fresh oxygen to the lungs of heavy smokers * Doubles the pleasure of workout * Promotes health of pregnent women and their babies

Each Package Contains:

1. Generator 2. Mask & Hose 3. Head Sets 4. 3 cases of Powder A&B, 10 bags each case. Each bag works for 10-15 minutes.


10 lbs (generator: 2 Lbs; 30 packs of powder: 8 Lbs)


Height: 21 cm (8.4 in) Length: 19 cm (7.6 in) Width: 8 cm (3.2 in)


Na2CO3.3/2H2O, MnO2

Generating Volume of Oxygen


Density of Oxygen

99% +- 0.5%

Pressure of Oxygen

60.8 mmhg
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