Woman's Herbal Tea

Woman's Herbal Tea - Max Nature

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The charm and beauty of women depends on the regulation of Qi. The painful distention of the lower abdomen and abnormal menstruation may give you a lot of trouble in daily life. This Woo-man Tea is scientifically made according to the special formulas of the Institute of Research on Chinese Medical History & Documents under the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

24 bags/box, 2.55 oz/bag

Suggested Use
Drink 3 times a day. one teabag in boiling water each time.

Rehmannia, Peony, Tree of Heaven, Celosia Cristata, Chinese Smilax, Patrinia, Cyperus, Thorowax, Chinese Salvia, Corydalis Yanhusuo, Turmeric, Fragrant Angelica, Twoteethed Achyranthes, Chinese Motherwort