I-Trans Motion Sickness Band

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I-trans DM-800 is a drug-free solution for motion sickness; this physical treatment is safe and can be used anytime and anywhere. I-Trans can even relieve nausea from morning sickness. Just wear this comfortable watch-like device on your inner wrist- doesn't matter when; I-Trans is effective before or after your motion sickness begins. Adjustable massaging vibrations from the device targets specific acupressure points on your inner wrist. Suitable for all types of travel and boating activities. Uses only one AAA battery. Features Can be used even after motion sickness begins Worn like a watch with a skin-contact sensor Drug Free, Non-invasive, targets related acupressure points A natural way to relief motion sickness Used for motion sickness relief, carsickness relief, seasickness relief, airsick relief, "Thrill Ride" sickness and relieve nausea from morning sickness Suitable for all types of travel and boating Adjustable massaging vibration comforting the body Watch-like device design