5 Piece Push Suction Glass Cupping

5 Piece Push Suction Glass Cupping - Max Nature

Max Nature


The Glass Cupping Set is made from durable and sturdy glass of various sizes with soft, smooth rubber suction bulbs.

It is ideal for both surface and deep tissue cupping therapy by holding and releasing the bulb freely to apply pressure at different mmHg.

No fire or pumping is required throughout vacuum suction.

Easy, convenient and practically useful.

Includes following sizes

  • 1 extra, extra large 2.2 dia.
  • 1 extra large 2.0 inches dia.
  • 1 medium 1.8 inches dia.
  • 1 small 1.4 inches dia.
  • 1 extra small 1.0 inch dia.
Price sold by the set