Pain Terminator Analgesic Cream

Pain Terminator Analgesic Cream - Max Nature

Max Nature


First clean the affected area Apply no more that 2 to 3 times daily
Try on small area first as a test for sensitivity
Children under 4 years of age should not use/unless consulted by a physician
For external use only
Avoid contact with eyes & mucous membranes
Stop use if irritation occurs
Do not use on open wounds
Do not wrap or bandage

Product Details:
1.77 oz (50gm) tube

Menthol, Wintergreen oil, Jojoba oil, Paeonia veitchii radix (chi shao), Angelicae sinensis radix (dang gui), Carthami flos (hong hua), Pyritum (zi ran tong), Draconis resina (xue jie), Myrrha (mo yao), Ligustici rhizoma (chuan xiong), Acanthopanacis cortex (wu jia pi), Achyranthis radix (niu xi), Atractylodis rhizome (cang zhu), Gentianae macrohyllae radix (long dan cao), Pinelliae tuber (ban xia), Saussureae radix (mu xiang), Cnidii monnieri fructus (she chuang zi), Cinnamonomi cortex (rou gui), Dioscoreae tokoro rhizome (bi xie), Jasmine oil, Tourmaline, Indigo carmine (qing dai), Tartrazine