Hokou Beverage 复方阿胶浆

Hokou Beverage 复方阿胶浆
Hokou Beverage 复方阿胶浆
Hokou Beverage 复方阿胶浆
Hokou Beverage 复方阿胶浆

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Hokou Beverage is a traditional Chinese herbal supplement which helps enhance energy reproduction and improve the immune system, helps maintain normal energy levels when experiencing occasional fatigue. Help for normal sleeping habit, also supports general well-being of the health of the Kidneys, liver, and circulating function.

48 Vials per box, 20ml each

Water, Panax Ginseng, Prepared Rehmannia Root, Tangshen Root, Hawthorn, Cane Sugar Suggested

Take one bottle, 20ml each time, 3 times daily

1. Please do not take this product together with Radix ET Rhizoma Veratri Faeces Trogopterori Fructus Gleditsiae and its preparations.
2. Please do not take this medicine with any other medicines for cold.
3. People who have the symptoms of high blood pressure and high blood sugar and people who are taking other medications for treatment this product can only be taken under the doctor's guideline and direction
4. It is recommended to take this product before or with meals.
5. Please take this product according to the directions. Children can only take this product under the doctor's guidance.
6. During the period of taking this product if such symptoms as poor appetite flatulence and vomit abdominal pains occur discontinue use and consult a doctor. 7.Do not take this product when there is any change with its appearance. 8. Children can only take this product under the supervision of adults. 9. Please keep this product away from children. 10.While you are taking other medications, you are recommended to consult with doctors or herbalist before you take this product.
Store in a cool dry place