Yu Ping Feng Wan (Jade Defender)

Yu Ping Feng Wan (JadeDefender)
Item# K040-AH080W

Yu Ping Feng Wan also known as Jade Screen Defense Teapills , is an ancient Chinese Herbal medicine used for building up the resisitance of the body against the invasion of pathogenic influences .Today it is the most recommended herbal remedy for boosting the immune defense to the infection of bacteria and viruses

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , our body is vulnerable to attacks of pathogenic influences . Normally our body forms a natural line of defense to ward off the attacks from the mouth , the nose or the surface. When the defense gets weaker , the body is more susceptible to the bacteria and virus infection and to get cold and flu

Yu Ping Feng Wan acts to enhance the resistance .Literally the name means Jade Screen , as if it forms a solid screen to protect the body . In many controlled clinical trials , Yu PIng Feng Wan is shown to significantly reduce the frequency of the common cold and bacteria infection in the respiratory tract in people who have chronic bronchitis or bacteria infection or children who are susceptible to cold and flu

Radix Astragali Membranacei (Huang Qi)
Radix Saposhnikoviae Divaricatae (Fang Feng)
Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae (Bai Zhu)
FructusSchisandrae Chinensis (Wu Wei Zi)
Radix Pseudostellariae Heterophyllae(Tai Zi Shen)
Radix Oryzae Glutinosae (Nuo Dao Gen)

Suggested Dosage:
Take 5 pills 2 to 3 times daily .One bottle lasts about 2 weeks

As a herbal mild tonic , results may only be noticeable after 1 month .It is sugested to take 4 to 6 bottles in full dose as first regime .The dose may then be reduced

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