Reishi broken-wall spores tea bag with Phellinus mushroom (Sang Huang) and Cordyceps

Reishi broken-wall spores tea bag with Phellinus mushroom (Sang Huang) and Cordyceps
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Reishi broken-wall spores tea bag with Phellinus mushroom (Sang Huang) and Cordyceps

Reishi Mushroom Broken-Wall Spores Tea bag(with Phellinus mushroom and Cordyceps)

The main active ingredients of Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum-Ling Zhi in Chinese) are Reishi Polysaccharides, Reishi Triterpenes, Organic Germanium, etc. The highest amount of effective Polysaccharides are found in the Reishi spores. However, the spores are very scarce, occurring in less than 1Kg per 1000 Kg of dry Reishi fruitbody. So they are extremely valuable. The Reishi spores are surrounded by two layers of hard shells, and hard to digest. The effectiveness of cracked spores is several dozen times higher than intact spores. The process involved ultra-low temperature with oxygen-free environment to avoid oxidation. 98% broken ratio is achieved with more active Polysaccharides content and Triterpenoids. It also has essential fatty acids with high bioactivities.

The benefits are: 1. It induces the production of interferon, activates natural killer cells and macrophages, strengthens the immune system, strengthens and improves the functions of various organs in the human body, especially the virus- suppressing nucleoproteins. 2. Its high adapogen content help reduces the side- effects like fatigue, lack of appetite and bad digestion, of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and is especially useful for improving the quality of life for terminal cancer patients.

3. For the circulatory system, it strengthens the heart, used in China for centuries to improves circulation in the coronary arteries as said to "Unlock the heart knot" using TCM theory.

4. It can strengthen the detoxification function of the liver, possibility of improving liver function and repairing damaged liver cells.

5. It helps improving digestion.

6. It is a good supplement for fatigue, improving sleep quality, menopause symptoms, etc. The broken-wall spores have dark brown color and it does not taste bitter like the Reishi fruit body so it can be taken straight by adding into water or juice.

Also with Phellinus Linteus Mushroom Extract Phellinus linteus is a woody mushroom grown on tree trunks and was known as Precious Miracle Mushrooms in the past in Asian countries. It is hard to grow in the wild. But due to technology has been studied In Curr Med Chem. 2008;15(13):1330-5. By Zhu T, Kim SH, Chen CY., Department of Radiation Oncology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02215, USA.

The Abstract is listed below: "Phellinus Linteus (PL) is a medicinal mushroom that has been practiced in oriental countries for centuries to prevent ailments as diverse as gastroenteric dysfunction, diarrhea, haemorrhage and cancers. In an effort to translate the Asian traditional medicines into western-accepted therapies, scientists have demonstrated that the extracts from fruit-bodies or mycelium of PL not only stimulate the hormonal and cell-mediated immune function and quench the inflammatory reactions caused by a variety of stimuli, but also suppress the tumor growth and metastasis on animal study. Mounting evidence from different research groups has shown that PL induces apoptosis in a host of murine and human carcinomas without causing any measurable toxic effects to their normal counterparts. Recently, research has been focused on the anti-tumor effect of PL, and in particular, on its ability to enhance some conventional chemotherapeutic drugs. These studies suggest PL may become a promising candidate as an alternative anticancer agent or a synergizer for existing antitumor drugs.

The tumor-inhibitory and liver-protective effects of crude extracellular polysaccharides (EPS) extracted from the liquid mycelial culture of the mushroom Phellinus igniarius were studied in mice. The mice were injected with murine sarcoma S180 and murine hepatoma H22. The result showed that EPS ...significantly inhibited S180 and H22 at 65.0 and 46.3%, respectively. Moreover, EPS could not only keep the numbers of WBC, RBC, PLT and the concentration of HGB in a normal range, but also normalize the activities of AST, ALT and ALP.". The Phellinus mushroom extract we provide contains 20% Polysaccharides highly concentrated powder. The taste is not bitter so it can be taken as tea mixture.

We provide 98% broken-wall Reishi spores available in 3 gm small packs and packed in 20 bags per box. Each bag Contains Reishi Spores 1.5gm, Phellinus extract 1gm, Cordyceps Mycelium extract 0.5gm each.

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