Liu Wei Di Huang Wan -YinVive GUANG CI TANG Serial Chinese Herbs

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan -YinVive
Item# K003-AH003W
Available in wan(teapills) and pian(tablets)

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is made from highly concentraded, selected Chinese herbs and produced in accordance to the traditional Chinese formula. It complies with international guidelines for heavy metal content. All ingredients are of Chinese origin by standarized and strict selection.

There are no known side-effects or adverse reactions associated with the use of the product. Neither are there any drug interactions reported


Radix Rehmanniae Preparata (Shu Di Huang)
Fructus Corni Officinalis (Shan Zhu Yu)
Cortex Moutan Radicis(Mu Dan Pi)
Rhizoma Discoreae Oppositae (Shan Yao)
Sclerotium Poriae Cocos (Fu Ling)
Rhizoma Alismatis Orientalis(Ze Xie)


Chew or swallow 5-7 pills with water or juice each time and 2-3 times daily


200 pills per bottle

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan can mourish the liver and kidney. Be used for lassitude knees and loin, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, night sweating, seminal emission, and infantile unclosed fontanels due to yin-deficiency of the liver and kidney. Also, for hectic fever, feverish sensation in the palms and soles, diabetes, toothache, dry mouth, dry throaat, reddish tongue with little fur, and thin and rapid pulse due to hyperactirity of deficient fire.

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan can nourish Yin to benefit the kidney. It is used for the damage of kidney-yin, dizziness and blurring in the ears, soreness of the lumbar region and knee joints, hectic fever due to yin-deficiency, night sweating and seminal emission and serious thirst. It is recommended for long-term use to slow aging process, promote health and prolong life

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